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Dwayne Johnson's gym paradise

Dwayne Johnson's gym paradise

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's home gym is one of the "greatest things" to ever happen to him.

The 'Central Intelligence' actor - who has five-month-old daughter Jasmine with girlfriend Lauren Hashian, and 14-year-old Simone from his marriage to Dany Garcia - finds it therapeutic to work out in the privacy of his own home and his "sanctuary" is only disturbed by the appearance of his beloved French bulldog Hobbs.

He said: "My home gym, the Iron Paradise, is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me,

"It is my therapy and my sanctuary. Every day I roll out of bed, it might be 4am, and it's my time. It's quiet, away from the world and I can do my thing.

"And then the dog comes over, takes a big s**t in the middle of the gym, p***es everywhere and looks at me like there's no problem."

In 2005, the 43-year-old actor slumped into depression when his career stalled and he split from his wife, but he grew to realise his problems stemmed from being so "insular" and, after learning how to communicate, things improved dramatically.

He recalled to Britain's GQ magazine: "It was f***ing terrifying. And I realised that one of the big reasons why I was struggling was because I was so insular and not a great communicator.

"I was a good friend and had great buddies but I wasn't the kind of person to open up and talk to them about how I was feeling and what I was going through.

"I had that view that a lot of guys do, 'No, I don't need help.'

"Eventually I started to become a better communicator and then I thought, 'Not only am I getting good at this, I want to be great at it. It's important.'

"So I applied what I always said I would. I found out about how to communicate, how to listen and understand and empathise.

"It was great for me because I had never really been that way and it really helped me, my career and my relationships."