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Drew Barrymore wants 'unspoken, amazing bond'

Drew Barrymore wants 'unspoken, amazing bond'

Drew Barrymore wants "that unspoken, amazing bond".

The newly single actress - who recently split from husband Will Kopelman after almost four years of marriage - was honoured at the ASPCA's 19th Annual Bergh Ball where she revealed her ideal relationship is one "much like you have with animals".

PEOPLE reports that during her speech, where she spoke about the first time she adopted a dog, Drew said: "I waited almost a year. I circled the paper and called people and went to shelters. Finally, I knew I wanted - much like my own children - I knew that they should have a friend. If there was one thing that was really tough growing up - no parents, boo hoo - I wanted my children to have someone to share the whole thing with.

"I don't care if we were beating the crap out of each other. I just want someone different to disagree with. I just want that unspoken, amazing bond, much like you have with animals. So I was determined that I would get two dogs at the same time. I never make it easy on myself. God forbid I start with one pet. I was like, I want two."

Martha Stewart presented Drew with the Humanitarian award and the actress - who has children Olive, three and 23-month-old Frankie with Will - spoke of her bond with her pets and what they have taught her in her own relationships.

She said: "You have a relationship with animals that is unspoken, without words. So there is a simplicity, sure we can probably all do with [fewer] words in our relationships. I think that for our language, we should just follow the dogs.

"But there also is such profoundness in just connectivity and energy and altruism that we have with our animals. Especially rescue animals. And they give it back. And there is some level of symbiotic gratitude, because you do save each other, and that is important.

"I don't have it in my heart to be rude, mean, cruel, unkind to any person on the planet, let alone an animal.

"And I wonder if animals were a big part of that teaching. I think they are. I really truly do. I give them all the credit in the world and for it. They will forever have my deepest respect, as will the humans. Thank you so much."