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Drew Barrymore's 'challenging' balance

Drew Barrymore's 'challenging' balance

Drew Barrymore finds it "challenging" balancing her career and family life.

The '50 First Dates' star - who has daughters Frankie, 14-months and Olive, two, with husband Will Kopelman - has made the decision to reduce her workload in order to enjoy time with her two girls.

When asked about balancing work and home life, she said: "It's definitely challenging, but I really compartmentalise my time. Number one, it's my kids. For me, waking up with them every day, having free days with them, working from home a lot, getting to do dinner, bath, and bed, is everything ...

"If you're being the kind of person you want to be - which for me is a parent first - then you get excited about stepping away here and there and focusing on some other things. All of these businesses, as time consuming as they are, they let me be the kind of parent I want to be."

And the 40-year-old actress has insisted she will be only starring in a movie "every few years at best".

She added to Hamptons magazine: "I don't work in films and movies so much anymore. I can't. It would take me away from my kids too much, and I'm not willing to do that ...

"[Acting will be] every few years at best, and then I'll just see how that goes. I've done two films in five years. And even those, I was like, 'Wow, I just don't know how to do this right now with kids.'"