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Drew Barrymore: Compromise is important

Drew Barrymore: Compromise is important

Drew Barrymore says compromise is the key to a successful relationship.

The 'Miss You Already' star has been married to Will Kopelman for three years and insists she is happy to change herself "for the better" for the sake of her marriage.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "I think a good place to start is when a significant other points things out that are tough for them and they are things that you're willing to change in your life.

"If you really said, 'Why am I fighting for this?' Start with those. My husband used to tell me, 'I hate that we're always racing to the airport. It's like an anxiety attack.' And I thought, 'Yeah, why am I fighting for that?' I don't like anxiety, so now I pack the night before.

"My husband and I compromise on a lot of things like that, it's the little things that you can change that can make the relationship stronger. Compromise is about changing yourself for the better, it's an opportunity for you to become a more functional, better person."

The 40-year-old beauty also praised Will and her two daughters, Frankie, nineteen months and Olive, three.

She added: "That's the balance of life. The agony and the ecstasy - that's the seesaw we're all on.

"They're all great, my kids are so amazing, my husband is great. The kids are my whole world, my universe, my everything."