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Drake treats himself to the ultimate bling trainers

Drake treats himself to the ultimate bling trainers

Drake has celebrated his number one album by getting a pair of 24 karat gold Nike Air Jordans.

The 29-year-old rapper commissioned the bespoke trainers to be made a couple of months ago and the mega-bling kicks arrived a week ago, with the 'Summer Sixteen' hitmaker announced their arrival via his Instagram account.

Posting an image of the bespoke footwear on the social media site, Drake wrote: "#SolidGold #24K #TheseAreNotToWear (sic)"

The truly one-of-a-kind trainers are the work of artist Matthew Senna, and with the footwear weighing in at a massive 20lb they reportedly set Drake back £20,000 ($26,500).

Matthew has also been prolific on Instagram posted various different views of the Air Jordans and their fine details.

He posted alongside the pictures: "Jumpman! Jumpman! Jumpman! Jumpman! Jumpman! Jumpman! Details are everything. #studyOVO #sennamade ... Float like a butterfly. #studyOVO#sennamade (sic)"

Drakes song 'One Dance,' featuring Kyla and Wizkid, has been number one in several countries, including the US, Portugal, Canada, Australia and the UK - where it has spent 14 weeks in the top spot.