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Drake's 'genuine energy' with Rihanna

Drake's 'genuine energy' with Rihanna

Drake has a "genuine energy" with Rihanna.

The 'Hold On, We're Going Home' hitmaker insists his close friendship with the 28-year-old singer isn't fabricated.

Speaking about their friendship and their collaboration on his track 'Too Good', he said: "We're not forcing some story on people. A lot of the music and energy we have is genuine. We have a genuine energy.

"[I was like] I think I have one that would follow this one ['Work'] up really nicely. It was like a flawless victory when she sent it back. Every nuance, every cadence was perfect ... That's what makes the record."

The 29-year-old rapper has rubbed shoulders with a number of famous stars - including Rihanna's collaborator Kanye West - and has teased the possibility of a joint album in the future.

He explained: "Ye [Kanye] is one of my favorite people in the world ... I hope we get some more music out. We were supposed to do a mixtape, album together."

Drake also opened up about his friendships with Jay Z and Nicki Minaj.

He told Beats 1's Zane Lowe: "Sometimes [Jay Z and I] just fall on opposite sides of the spectrum. It's always mutual respect but sometimes it has to be from afar ...

"She dealt with me how I would expect her to - with class. I always have respect and love for her. Unfortunately, we haven't spoke."

Meanwhile, rapper Tyga previously revealed he ended his feud with the 'Hotline Bling' star - who dropped his fourth studio album 'Views' on Friday (29.04.16) - thanks to Kanye West.

He explained: "Kanye put us in a room together when he was doing his fashion show and I didn't even know he was there and we saw each other and gave each other a hug. At the end of the day if somebody is not taking anything away from you, like family, it's not affecting your family or taking away your money, you shouldn't have a problem with somebody.

"There is no tension, we are cool. I think the main thing when you've got history with somebody and you stop communicating with the person it can go any way and anybody can assume anything."