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Dr. Phil McGraw defends 'intervention' with Nick Gordon

Dr. Phil McGraw defends 'intervention' with Nick Gordon

Dr. Phil McGraw has defended his "intervention" with Nick Gordon.

The television personality has revealed he was initially just going to Atlanta to interview the boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown - who is currently fighting for her life in hospital after being found unresponsive in a bathtub on January 31 - but had to stage an intervention when he found out he was "out of control".

He said: "I went to Atlanta to do an interview with Nick Gordon and wound up doing an intervention with Nick Gordon, because when I get there I found out that - and I learned this from his lawyers who truly have his best interest at heart - they tell me that he is so high, so out of control, abusing alcohol and apparently Xanax.

"They're concerned for his very life, his very well-being and so much so that the ability to sit down and do an interview with him. His ability to sit down and give an interview is just not an option."

Dr. Phil also revealed Nick was feeling incredibly upset about losing his girlfriend's mother Whitney Houston three years ago as he felt it was his job to "protect" Bobbi Kristina and her mother.

He added to Access Hollywood. "He's talked about not wanting to go on, because of his pain. He says the pain that he has suffered from, the death of Whitney, the situation that Bobbi Kristina finds herself in, the guilt he says he feels over letting them down because it's his job - he felt - to protect them. And it was certainly, he said, his job to protect Krissy."