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Donny Osmond: Michael Jackson had worries

Donny Osmond: Michael Jackson had worries

Donny Osmond says Michael Jackson was "worried about a lot of things" shortly before he died.

The 58-year-old singer was good friends with the late singer - who passed away in 2009 aged 50 - and revealed he invited the music legend to stay with him to help him out but he never arrived.

He said: "He wasn't in a good state. You could see in his face he was very worried about a lot of things.

"I was on tour, the phone rings and it was 'Hi Donny'. He said he couldn't tell anyone where he was, he was in hiding with his kids in a big touring bus. I said he should come to me, he said he needed it - but he never came."

As a member of The Osmonds, Donny also had solo success, appealing to a teenage fan base with hits like 'Puppy Love', but his saccharine tunes and clean living Mormon lifestyle often garnered much criticism and mockery, but Donny says he is glad he lived the way he did, particularly in light of recent loses.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I remember having long conversations with Prince at Paisley Park. He was interested in the details of my life, my family. Michael was the same way.

"One of the things I pride myself on is normalcy in a world which is anything but normal. And I think they were completely interested in how I balanced my life. Those guys couldn't."

He added: "It's very easy to lose it mentally and get caught up in your own hype. I was one of the biggest teeny boppers back in the day and that can really mess up your mind."