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Dominic West wants to ride across America on horseback

Dominic West wants to ride across America on horseback

Dominic West wants to cross America on horseback.

The 46-year-old actor may have carved out a successful career in television, film and theatre but he's keen to explore other things outside his niche and has admitted one of his biggest dreams is riding across the Western Hemisphere on a stallion with his five children Martha, 17, Dora, nine, Senan, seven, and Francis, six.

He explained to Vogue magazine: "I would love to do something on horses with all my kids."

The 'Office' star was inspired to do the huge ride after he met a "lunatic" while shooting 'The Wire' in Baltimore "who spent all his money breeding these crazy stallions."

He added: "I'd love to do it with my family now because I spend so much time away from them. I think it would be one of those things where you look back on your life and think: that was a great time!"

And, although he has all these plans for the future, the hunk is enjoying focusing on his career for the time being but finds being on stage the most therapeutic.

He said: "Theatre is an actor's medium. You are totally in charge of the product. You therefore have more responsibility and more initiative. There's an electricity for me. Plus, it is the one time in my day, because it's so chaotic with all my kids, where I'm actually at my calmest and most organised. It's almost a meditative exercise."