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Dominic Cooper's hazy Preacher role

Dominic Cooper's hazy Preacher role

Dominic Cooper landed the lead role in 'Preacher' after sitting in a room with Seth Rogen "in a haze of cannabis".

The 38-year-old actor portrays the titular character, who is on a mission to find God, in the US TV series and admitted it was tough to keep his "head together" when the 'Sausage Party' star was explaining the part to him.

Talking about how he landed the job, he said: "From sitting in a room with Seth Rogen in a haze of cannabis and trying to keep my head together as he told me I'd play a Texan preacher alongside a vampire and a boy whose face looks like an anus."

'Preacher' also stars Ian Colletti as a character called Eugene Root / A***face, who is disfigured after shooting himself in the face, and Dominic admits it is one of the few projects he's worked on which he has been delighted with.

He said: "I'm really pleased with them. And I rarely say that.

"Hopefully that will give me reassurance. Just the idea that I'll be going straight into 13 episodes of something I love [and so] won't need to do a film that I think maybe will be OK - that's a wonderful feeling. And quite rare. I just need to calm down."

Another of the British actor's personal success stories was when he starred as Saddam Hussein's psychotic son Uday and his body double Latif in 2011 movie 'The Devil's Double', and Dominic admits he expected to land certain other roles off the back of the part, but was left disappointed.

He added to The Times newspaper: "At last I'd done something that I thought, 'Yes!' I'd really managed to capture two different roles.

"I think I did an all right job, and I expected something to come of it. And it didn't.

"At least not the things I was told. And then you find yourself having to start again - finding a new way."