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Dolly Parton wants to uplift mankind

Dolly Parton wants to uplift mankind

Dolly Parton tries to "uplift mankind" with her music.

The '9 to 5' hitmaker is upset by the "political turmoil" in the US as it prepares for a presidential election, but she hopes her performances can make people "feel a little better" and reassured that things will be OK.

She said: "Everything is so crazy and chaotic out there right now. I do see the divide.

"I just try to make people feel a little better. Let them know that it's going to be OK.

"I'm hoping that as soon as this is over that we can all settle down, no matter who is the president and try to act a little better and stop all this fighting and bickering amongst ourselves and try to mend our country. So when I go out there to perform, I hope to uplift mankind, glorify God and just have a big time myself."

The 70-year-old singer's latest album, 'Pure and Simple', is inspired by her long marriage to Carl Dean.

She explained to People magazine: "I've been married for 50 years this year - my husband and I renewed our vows this year - and so I thought this would be a good year to have a love album, love in many colours."

Dolly thinks the title track is "almost divine".

She said: "It's a positive love song about two people being in love and it being almost divine in it's purity and simplicity."

And she is hoping another song on the album, 'Forever Love', will get a lot of airplay at weddings, admitting it was played when she and Carl renewed their vows.

She said of the track: "That's the one we played when we got married again.

"That's the one that fit that really well. It will make a beautiful wedding song for other people too!"