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Diane Kruger's health kick

Diane Kruger's health kick

Diane Kruger says she "never looked better" when she stopped drinking for six weeks.

The 'Inglourious Basterds' star tried out the health kick for just over a month but whilst she could see the great benefits, she found it "hard to keep up".

She said: "Well ... I quit drinking for six weeks once and I will say I have never looked better or slept better. But it's so hard to keep up! I do have much more energy and feel more confident since I started to work out regularly."

However, the 39-year-old actress admits rosé wine is one of her culinary vices alongside butter and cheese.

When asked what items she'd insist were stocked in her fridge, she added: "Water, rosé, butter, and cheese."

Meanwhile, Diane likes to experiment with her style and revealed she would love to pull off the kind of outfits that her style icon Gwen Stefani wears.

She explained to The New Potato: "I like many different women and styles, but I try to have my own style. I really love Gwen Stefani for example, even though I could never pull off what she wears!"