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Diane Keaton wants to marry Channing Tatum

Diane Keaton wants to marry Channing Tatum

Diane Keaton wants to marry Channing Tatum.

The Oscar winner, who previously dated Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, and Woody Allen, says the 'Magic Mike XL' star is the only man she would ever consider tying the knot with even though he is already married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

The '5 Flights Up' star told 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' that the new film, which is about a couple who have been married for 40 years, inspired her to reflect on her own past relationships, saying: "I never got married. So the fact that somebody could live for 40 years with someone and be devoted to that person is something that moves me and I'm profoundly affected by it."

When Ellen assured Diane "it's not too late" for her to find a spouse, the 69-year-old actress responded: "Me?! Who's gonna... Wait, oh. Channing Tatum?"

When informed that the 35-year-old heartthrob has been married to Jenna since 2009, she replied: "That's okay Channing Tatum is actually married to someone else... not me?"

But asked if she would ever want to get married, she still insisted: "To Channing Tatum!"

Diane, who has two adopted children Duke, 14, and Dexter, 19, previously gushed about her co-star Morgan Freeman's kissing abilities.

She said: "His lips were just so luscious. You just put your lips up against him, and you just squeezed in, and it felt gooey and good. So I liked that."