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Derulo gets dirty with JLo in new song

Derulo gets dirty with JLo in new song

Jason Derulo promises a "very sexy" video for his Jennifer Lopez collaboration.

The 25-year-old singer doesn't disappoint with his raunchy lyrics, making women swoon with songs such as Talk Dirty and Want To Want Me.

Things have been cranked up a notch as he's teamed up with pop sensation Jennifer on single Try Me. Speaking on the set of TV talent show So You Think You Can Dance, on which he serves as a judge, Jason hinted at what fans can expect from the accompanying video.

"It will be a lot of dancing. I'm excited about that and she is too," he gushed. "I don't think we've seen J.Lo dance with a guy since she danced with Diddy like ten years ago. But this will be a lot different. It's very conceptual. There are going to be a lot of dancers. It will be a very sexy video."

Jennifer and the rapper dated for two years until 2001, with the former couple appearing in several music videos together.

Try Me marks the third single from Jason's fourth album Everything Is 4 and the record boasts a tropical sound. To get into shape for the heated video, the star took his workouts to a whole new level.

"I'm in the gym twice a day," he said. "If I took off my shirt, you guys might be a little impressed."

Much to fans' delight, he confirmed he'll be topless in the recording, as he feels it reflects the vibe of the video.

"It's in the concept; the guys have to be really strong. You will understand when you actually see [the video]. It's a competition of some sort," he added with a grin.

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