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Denise Van Outen had breast cancer scare

Denise Van Outen had breast cancer scare

Denise Van Outen has had a breast cancer scare.

The 41-year-old beauty - who tragically lost her grandmother to the disease - was left fearing for her life when she and her childhood friend both discovered they had lumps in their boobs while doing a self-examination on a calming spa trip.

She explained: "That was a shock. We were on a spa break together just over a year ago when we both mentioned we'd found lumps. I am very breast aware because I lost my grandmother to breast cancer so I said, 'Get to a doctor, quickly'. We made a pact to both get checked. Within two days my friend was told she had cancer."

Unlike her friend, the blonde TV star was told her lump was benign - a non cancerous growth - but she still urged doctors to remove the tumour as she was terrified it would turn into something more sinister and she wouldn't be around to watch her six-year-old daughter Betsy grow up.

She explained: "Even being in the doctor's surgery getting checked is pretty frightening. I had a biopsy and doctors said it was benign. And I said, 'Just take it out'. I want to be around to see Betsy grow up. I want to do all the things I can as a parent - even become a grandparent."

Denise's childhood friend underwent chemotherapy for her cancer and is now in remission but the gruelling treatment may have ruined her chances of ever having any children.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Denise said: "She doesn't have kids and because of the treatment I think that means she might not be able to now. Treatment has cleared the tumour so hopefully she's cancer-free but she's still undergoing treatment. She's doing great and her hair is growing back. We've known each other since we were 10 and our friendship means we're more like sisters."