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Demi Lovato hints she's having laser eye surgery

Demi Lovato hints she's having laser eye surgery

Demi Lovato has hinted she is having corrective laser eye surgery later this week.

The 'Cool for the Summer' hitmaker took to Twitter on Monday (21.03.16) to reveal she'd had a surfing accident while out in the sea without her contact lenses which resulted in her getting whiplash.

Demi teased that her days of wearing glasses or contacts to help her see are numbered as she will be undergoing a procedure on Thursday (24.03.16) to fix her vision.

In her tweets, she wrote: "So one time I went surfing/paddle boarding without my glasses or contacts and wiped out ... Which gave me whiplash ... On the bright side ... After Thursday, I won't ever have to use contacts or glasses again. (Hopefully) (sic)"

The 23-year-old pop star was then in the mood to reminisce about her older injuries on social media and recalled the time when she broke her leg.

Demi - who is in a relationship with Wilmer Valderrama - is contemplating living inside a protective bubble to prevent further injuries.

She tweeted: "Remember that one time I broke my fibula WALKING??? Yeah... Time for a bubble. #WHATISWRONGWITHME (sic)"

She then posted an image of a man wearing a safety suit with the caption "Show up to the #FutureNowTour like (this) (sic)".