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Demi Lovato gave hairless cat back

Demi Lovato gave hairless cat back

Demi Lovato had to give her hairless pussy back after one day because she was allergic.

The 23-year-old singer got a new furless feline last month and dubbed the cat "Hairy-ette", but during their one day spent together Demi discovered she was allergic to both hairy and hairless cats, and the moggy's whereabouts since have been unknown.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: "I couldn't keep the cat I had to give it back the next day because I am allergic.

"I thought I wouldn't be because it doesn't have any hair."

Demi took to her Snapchat last month to reveal she had a hairless cat and while admitting she was "so allergic", the raven-haired beauty insisted she was keeping her four-legged friend.

She wrote: "So allergic it's not even funny but I'm keeping her 'cause zero f**ks. (sic)"

Demi has previously revealed she cannot be within 10 feet of a pussy without "freaking out".

She said: "I'm not allergic to all animals, just cats and dogs. Sometimes I'll have a bad allergic reaction to dogs, sometimes I won't.

"But cats, if I am 10 feet away from them, I'll be freaking out."

As a result of her pussy problem, Demi is able to tell if someone has a four-legged friend as soon as she enters their house."

She added: "I'll be in the room with someone and have an allergy attack and be like, 'Do you have a cat?' and they'll say, 'Yeah, how'd you know?' "

But it's not just cats and dogs Demi is allergic to as she could also have an attack if she gets up too close and personal with pine trees, or even egg salad.