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Demi Lovato feels beautiful naked

Demi Lovato feels beautiful naked

Demi Lovato feels most beautiful when she is naked.

The 23-year-old singer - who sought treatment in rehab for an eating disorder, self-harming, alcohol and drug abuse in 2010 - has been open about her issues in the past but has learned to love her body.

She told People Style: "I feel the most beautiful when I'm naked. Just completely stripped down, completely organic, me. That's when I feel the most confident, because that's the most natural state that I could possibly get in.

"The key for me is self-care. I love myself the most when I'm taking care of myself."

While Demi prefers a more low-key look on her days off, she loves to show off her daring side with racy stage outfits.

She explained: "Day to day, I don't really wear anything close to them, so I actually get excited when I get to wear a really cool, sexy outfit onstage."

And Demi says her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 35, has been a key factor in regaining her confidence.

She said. "He tells me every day I'm beautiful, so that's enough for me."