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Deborra-Lee Furness gets 'grumpy' about throwback photographs

Deborra-Lee Furness gets 'grumpy' about throwback photographs

Deborra-Lee Furness gets "grumpy" when Hugh Jackman shares throwback pictures of her on Instagram.

The 59-year-old actress - who married the Hollywood heartthrob in 1996 - has admitted she doesn't like it when Hugh posts unflattering pictures of her online.

Reflecting on their high-profile relationship, she admitted: "I get grumpy when he puts bad ones up [on social media]."

Hugh has played a wide variety of roles during his Hollywood career - including Wolverine and Jean Valjean in 'Les Misérables' - and Deborra-Lee confessed she finds it tough to choose her favourite character.

Asked if she prefers "Wolverine Hugh" or "song and dance man Hugh", the Australian actress told 'The Project': "Depends what mood I'm in!"

Deborra-Lee revealed she always gives her husband a "heads up" to let him know which character she's in the mood for.

She shared: "I get to have all these affairs with all these different characters."

Meanwhile, Hugh recently admitted playing Blackbeard in 'Pan' helped boost his sex life.

The 47-year-old actor - who starred as Peter Pan's nemesis in the prequel to JM Barrie's classic novel - shared: "It was a good summer last year! In the UK, they talk about the summer of 1976. I talk about the summer of 2014!"