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David Tennant's 'bleak' sex life

David Tennant's 'bleak' sex life

David Tennant had to throw away condoms when he was a teenager because they had gone out of date due to his lack of action.

The former 'Doctor Who' star - who married actress Georgia Moffett in 2011 - has admitted his sex life was a "long bleak period" during his younger years, so much so he had to dispose of his contraception, which usually last a number of years.

He said: "It was a long bleak period. I do remember owning some condoms that I had to throw away because they went past their sell-by date.

"That's how exciting my sex life was as a teenager."

While David, 45, was struggling with girlfriends during his teenage years, his former 'Doctor Who' co-star Catherine Tate, 47, also suffered embarrassment at school when it came to attending gym class.

She said: "For gym we wore knickers over own knickers and if you had your period you got to wear your tennis skirt, so everyone knew that you had your period. I mean, it was awful.

"It was so embarrassing."

Like Catherine, James Corden, 37, also suffered embarrassment at the hands of physical activity at school when he once forgot his kit and had to wear something from the lost property bin.

Speaking on Channel 4 show 'Very British Problems', he said: "It's awful. Particularly if you're my size because you're not going to find anything that fits.

"I can remember playing rounders in like a three-quarter length cut of vest and some shirts I hope were stained with mud but I'm still not sure.

"You don't forget your kit again after that."

But James clearly hasn't got tired of wearing unusual clothes as he regularly dresses up for skits on his programme 'The Late Late Show'.