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David Hasselhoff wants alimony stopped

David Hasselhoff wants alimony stopped

David Hasselhoff wants to stop paying spousal support to his ex-wife.

The 63-year-old actor has filed legal documents asking a judge to agree he no longer needs to pay Pamela Bach - who he divorced in 2006 after over 16 years of marriage - $21,000 a month, TMZ reports.

The 'Baywatch' star insisted his former spouse has made no effort to become self-supporting and his monthly payment to her means he can't even consider retiring yet.

And David - who has grown-up daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley with Pamela - claimed he has been having to dip into his retirement account because his monthly gross of around $112,000 won't cover both his expenses and Pamela's spousal support.

The 'Sharknado 3' star, who has been in a relationship with Hayley Roberts since 2013, insisted his 52-year-old ex-wife is a talented actor and producer and would find it easy to get a job.

Earlier this year, David - who was also previously married to Catherine Hickland - admitted his alimony bill was huge but insisted he still had enough money to get by.

He said: "I'll be paying alimony forever. Robin Williams had a funny joke saying, 'It's not alimony, it's all the money.' And I said, 'Boy, is that right!' What people don't understand is you get a third on the dollar.

"I have enough money to retire, I have enough money in the bank but I have also got a lot of people that are in my life that require my attention."