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David Hasselhoff's bachelor party plan

David Hasselhoff's bachelor party plan

David Hasselhoff is planning a "big boys with big toys" bachelor party.

The 63-year-old actor recently got engaged to girlfriend Hayley Roberts after five years of dating, and though he thinks he throws "incredible" parties, he wants the celebration to end his single days to be more about adrenalin than alcohol.

He said "A Hoff bachelor party is not about alcohol, it's about adrenalin.

"I'm synonymous with throwing incredible parties at my home, but I've graduated from a typical party to something more action related.

"It's going to be involving flights, white-water rapids, racing, skydiving, camel racing. It's gonna be big boys with big toys.

"I've already got people calling from Abu Dhabi and Dubai offering planes and stuff."

David's relationship with former shop assistant Hayley has taught him a lot about himself and understand he doesn't have to be the same in private as he is in the public eye.

He told heat magazine: "People have got to accept you the way you are and you have to accept them.

"We are so different that I've learned a lot about myself.

"It really brought back the fact i was just David, not a celebrity. For me, it's a job - The Hoff is a character. I'm already a dad and now I am a loyal fiance."

However, the 'Baywatch' star admitted he is often consumed by his public persona.

He added: "99 per cent of people now call me The Hoff - and it's out of respect.

"The Hoff has taken over David Hasselhoff. David Hasselhoff really doesn't know who he is any more. Everywhere I go it's The Hoff."