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David Hasselhoff launches fan cruise

David Hasselhoff launches fan cruise

David Hasselhoff is going on a cruise with his fans.

The 64-year-old actor-and-singer has teamed up with tour operator GEO Reisen to put together a holiday onboard the Costa Favolosa cruise ship.

The package includes a concert, a get together party, and even an autograph session with the 'Baywatch' star himself.

Holidaymakers will also be able to take part in an evening event entitled 'David in person', in which they will be able to watch all the best moments from the career of the 'Knight Rider' star, as well as giving fans a chance to ask the Hoff personal questions in a Q&A session.

What's more, David will be on board for the entire six-day cruise which will travel to Italy, Spain and France.

The cruise sets off on November 4th 2017, and GEO Reisen have confirmed that all bookings prior to the end of this year will receive a €100 discount, with prices starting at €599 per person.

The news of David's new venture comes after he was confirmed to be taking part in the voice acting for the new instalment of the 'Call of Duty' zombie games. David will take on the role of a theme park DJ in the 'Zombies In Spaceland' mini-game attached to 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare'.

Speaking about the role, he said: "The reason I loved doing 'Call Of Duty' is they encouraged me to create the character. It wasn't just 'let's just hire David Hasselhoff and make him be a typical DJ'

"That, and the fact that it was fun. It wasn't just about killing, it was about killing zombies, and there's something about killing zombies that's really funny because they splatter everywhere, you know. Why can't zombies win at poker? Because they always throw in their hand. Zombies are stupidly funny."