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David Gest's funeral is tomorrow

David Gest's funeral is tomorrow

David Gest's funeral will take place tomorrow (29.04.16).

The 62-year-old producer was found dead in his London hotel room on April 12 and his friends and loved ones will gather for a "celebration of his life" and to say goodbye to the much-loved star at Golders Green crematorium in the UK capital.

A source told BANG Showbiz: "David would have wanted something uplifting, so all his friends will be there to celebrate the joy and fun he brought to their lives."

Following the service, it is believed David's ashes will be buried in York, North England, because of his love of the "special" city.

He previously said: "I've lived in New York, Beverly Hills, I still have property in Hawaii, I lived in Claridge's for two years. But here it's so special.

"When you have the Minster, all other churches fade by comparison.

"It has an elite beauty and the people are so special. I think I'd like to die here."

And one of the people who will be in attendance for the funeral is Wayne Chadwick, who owns one of David's favourite eateries, York Roast Co..

Mr. Chadwick told York Press: "It feels pretty special. We never got chance to properly thank the man for what he did for us. He did it all with his heart, he wasn't looking for any deals or discounts, nothing like that, he actually just loved what we did. That was it.

"It's a great shame. I think York took David in, really. If you went back quite a few years, people were very sceptical about him and people got to like him through the jungle ['I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'], and 'Celebrity Big Brother', but I think in York, the fact he was utterly accessible, he never shirked people, and would speak to anyone was appreciated."