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David Bowie wanted Twin Peaks cameo

David Bowie wanted Twin Peaks cameo

David Bowie had been planning a cameo in the 'Twin Peaks' reboot before his death.

The 69-year-old musician passed away in January following a secret cancer battle but had hoped to film scenes for Showtime's 2017 reboot of the show after previously taking on a small role in the 1992 spinoff 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me'.

Harry Goaz, who plays Deputy Andy Brennan, told the Dallas Morning News that David had been hoping to reprise his role of Agent Phillip Jeffries before his shock death.

The original series aired from 1990 to 1991 and was followed by a feature film the next year, starring Kyle as Special Agent Dale Cooper who tried to solve the murder of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore, Amanda Seyfried, Balthazar Getty and Jim Belushi have all joined the star-studded cast of David Lynch's new instalment of his cult classic 90s series while Harry admits he has no idea about the storyline of the reboot, despite filming scenes for it.

He said: "We only received our lines the morning of shooting. We didn't even receive lines for our entire scenes, only our sides.

"It was magical, heart-wrenching and very tearful at the end. For everyone.

"David doesn't really direct actors so much as he paints with them. So, in that comes a lot of trust that you relinquish to him wholeheartedly. To be able to go back to that 25 years later is amazing. We have a very maternal, psychic connection."

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that an 800-seat temporary theatre will be built at the Kings Cross Theatre complex for Bowie's play 'Lazarus' when it moves to London from New York at the end of this year or in early 2017.

Written by David and playwright Enda Walsh, it picks up the story of Thomas Jerome Newton - the character Bowie played in Nicolas Roeg's 1976 movie 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'.