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David Bowie tribute at Isle of Wight festival

David Bowie tribute at Isle of Wight festival

Gary Kemp and Andrea Corr paid tribute to David Bowie at the Isle of Wight festival on Saturday (11.06.16).

The Spandau Ballet guitarist and The Corrs singer teamed up to perform 'Starman' - in honour of the late singer, who passed away in January following a secret battle with cancer - after they were introduced to the stage by promoter John Giddings.

12 years after David last played the festival, fans came together wearing masks with his face on them as they listened to Andrea and Gary perform and he admitted to some nerves before taking to the stage.

Gary exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It was quite scary you know. Andrea and I hadn't met before and we were playing on stage. We had only run the track back once.

"It was emotional because David is gone and there were all of these people wearing masks there and singing a hymn to David Bowie's life. Also because as a 13-year-old boy in 1973 that was a song that first introduced me to David and changed my life. David has guided everybody and his legacy is the complete history of rock since."

Gary also praised David for his "humility" despite his star power.

He said: "I've met him a few times. He was a very funny man and had a lot humility and humour and took the p**s out of himself quite a lot. He was someone who was very easy to get on with.

"In a way you kind of don't want to meet you heroes because they are always slightly normal. But David was wonderful and I think he knew the power he had on people."

And Gary revealed he has been working on a documentary about David's former guitar player Mick Ronson, which will air this year.

He said: "I've got a documentary I'm finishing about Mick Ronson, David's guitar player, about the glam rock era, which comes out on Sky Arts at the end of the year."