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David Bowie 'had six heart attacks'

David Bowie 'had six heart attacks'

David Bowie suffered six heart attacks before his death, it has been claimed.

The 'Drive-In Saturday' singer - who underwent heart surgery in 2004 - died of cancer on Sunday (10.01.16) but it has now been claimed he was also battling other health problems.

Wendy Leigh, who published a biography of the singer last year, told BBC News: "He didn't just battle cancer... he had six heart attacks in recent years. I got this from somebody very close to him."

Meanwhile, fans organised an impromptu street party in the singer's birthplace of Brixton, south London last night (11.01.16).

Hundreds of grieving devotees lined the streets to sing and dance the night away in tribute to the iconic star.

A Facebook post announcing the event read: "Bowie's time on this earth may be over, but he sure left us some great music. Today is a day to gather together and celebrate.

"Please share with anyone you think would be able to help with music or any other element of this event - bring instruments, speakers, food and most importantly love."

Bowie's hits blasted out from a PA system but when it was reportedly shut down by authorities, the fans carried on singing as they celebrated the life of the flamboyant star.

Honor Louise, who arranged the event, said: "I can't believe that happened.

"It was perfect, many through the night told me it was what he would have wanted and I haven't stopped crying and singing and loving all evening. Thank you."