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David Beckham raising gentlemen

David Beckham raising gentlemen

David Beckham wants his sons to be "gentlemen".

The retired soccer star - who has three boys, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, and Cruz, 10, as well as daughter Harper, three, with wife Victoria - is keen to instil his kids with the manners and values he was taught by his own parents growing up.

He said: "My parents and grandparents taught me to be polite and a gentleman, that's something I've definitely tried to pass on to my kids.

"I tell my boys that a woman appreciates it when you open the door for her."

David's eldest son loves to borrow his clothes and the 39-year-old star always knows when Brooklyn has been in a room because he leaves a mess behind.

He said: "Every time I go in my wardrobe and there are clothes on the floor, I know he's been in there as I'm a really tidy person."

Though he has created his own fragrances, David hates women wearing scents that are too overpowering.

Asked what scents he finds attractive on a woman, he told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: "Oh my goodness, nothing too strong, it's nice to see the person before you smell them.

"It's important not to be overpowering. My gran used to wear a Givenchy perfume, and every time I smell that, I'm reminded of her."