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Dave Franco: My wife is the 'coolest'

Dave Franco: My wife is the 'coolest'

Dave Franco has the "coolest wife on planet Earth" because she thought his sex scene was "really sexy".

The 32-year-old actor couldn't help but gush about Alison Brie's reaction to his threesome sex scene in 'The Little Hours'.

Speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he said: "I did the scene and it was fine. I went back to the hotel, and she asked how it was and I said it was totally cool. And we left it at that. It is what it is, we've both been doing this long enough to know that this is part of the job, it's a weird part of the job, but whatever ...

"Cut to a year later and we were watching the movie for the first time together and the threesome scene starts. The scene ended and there was silence, and she turned to me and said, 'That was really sexy.' And that's the moment I knew I had the coolest wife on planet Earth."

Meanwhile, Alison is equally nonplussed about her husband seeing her on-screen risqué scenes in 'GLOW'.

Asked if she's warned her husband about the scenes, she shared: "Dave's a tough guy. He's fine."

However, the 34-year-old beauty has warned the other man in her life - her father - "at length" about the scenes.

She said: "I've warned my dad at length. Then reminded him again, and then [I've] sort of given him a heads up of like, exact [moments], so I'm like, 'When you see this person, you know what's about to happen, maybe fast forward.' So he's warned."

And Alison previously confessed she has had a "very empowering year", having got married to Dave.

She explained: "Everything's great! I think it's a great time in my life. Not in, you know, our lives collectively, not necessarily globally, but being married.

"[Being married is] a similar to the experience of working on 'GLOW', in that it's been a very empowering year. I don't know why those two things have kind of gone hand in hand for me, but they have. Wrestling and marriage, they're both just like, 'Yeah, I can take on anything!'"