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Darius Campbell lifts the lid on Daisy Lowe romance

Darius Campbell lifts the lid on Daisy Lowe romance

West End star Darius Campbell has confessed to enjoying a whirlwind romance with Daisy Lowe earlier this year.

Darius, who rose to fame on British talent shows 'Popstars' and 'Pop Idol', is a long-time friend of the model and has admitted they went on a series of dates together before they quickly decided to end their romance.

He explained: "Yes, Daisy and I dated and I met her dad Gavin Rossdale, who is great.

"But what people also didn't know is we were friends first for years, even when I was married.

"There was a shift that happened a few months ago where we thought we'd go from friends to dating.

"When you're friends first, you know all of each other's s**t. That made being more than friends really easy.

"It was natural and a fun relationship - there were no awkward first dates.

"She's actually not a party girl. Yeah, we'd have a few tequilas but she's just all about being with her friends, not going wild. We explored being a couple but we were better mates."

Meanwhile, Daisy recently agreed to appear on the British talent show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and Darius has revealed he is keen to see her in action.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "As she's about to do 'Strictly', I'd put it like this - we were great at jiving, we tried to tango, now we're back to jiving.

"She's really excited about the show and she's a great dancer. I can't wait to see how she does."