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Danielle Campbell praises Louis and Briana's parenting

Danielle Campbell praises Louis and Briana's parenting

Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend has praised his and Briana Jungwirth's parenting skills.

Danielle Campbell admitted her boyfriend and his seven-month-old son Freddie's mother have done a "great job" bringing the little one up and insisted Briana, who just last month lashed out at the 21-year-old actress, is a "wonderful mother".

When asked about the youngster, she replied: "He's wonderful. I think Louis and Briana have done a great job in raising him, and he's one of the most special little boys, so they've done a great job - he's stunning. He's got beautiful parents so, hard to argue with.

"I have so much respect for Briana for everything that's she's doing. I think she's a wonderful mother."

Danielle revealed Freddie is yet to say any words but he's "getting there" and "making lots of noises", but spending time with him hasn't made her broody just yet.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she added: "I think there's a lot I want to do.

"I think right now [Louis and I are] young and we're enjoying each other's company. He's been so good to me, and I care about him a lot.

"I think Louis treats me so well. He's got his own job, and I have mine too, so I can understand where he's coming from, which I think definitely helps a lot."

Danielle also admitted she understands why so many One Direction fans - known as Directioners - and other women are big fans of her man.

She said: "He's wonderful, so I can understand the appeal from all the other girls."

Last month, Louis, 24, and Danielle spent a day at the beach with Freddie which led to an angry tweet from Briana.

She wrote: "You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son's mother."

The tweet appeared on the account @realbjungwirth, which, although not verified, has almost 30,000 followers and is linked to Briana's Instagram account, where she often shares pictures of Freddie.