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Daniel Radcliffe: I had a normal childhood

Daniel Radcliffe: I had a normal childhood

Daniel Radcliffe insists he had a normal childhood.

The 'Harry Potter' star found fame aged 11 by starring as the boy wizard in the film series but says he managed to have a "really private" upbringing on the most part.

He said: "I think people always imagined that I didn't have a childhood or I missed out on some stuff, and I'm sure I had a very different childhood, but all those first dates and first kisses, those rites of passage, I still had them, and they were actually generally really private. I don't feel like I have to share them with the world, and I felt like they were really my own, which is nice."

And the 26-year-old actor also recalled his first "proper" date, revealing he had to wear a cap throughout the whole evening so he wouldn't get noticed.

Speaking on an episode of The Jess Cagle Interview, he added: "I just went out with a cap on, and you have to hope that the person you're dating is understanding and not made to feel awkward by someone coming up or anything like that, but you just do it. That was always the weird thing."

Meanwhile, Daniel previously revealed he lives a "hilariously mundane" life.

He said: "We're always doing hilariously mundane s**t. They never get me doing anything interesting, so the headline has to be like, 'They bought a yoga mat!'"

And the 'Swiss Army Man' star also admitted he tries not to read any comments made about him online incase it gets him down.

He shared: "Sometimes I go through an unhealthy phase where I do read quite a lot [about myself]. Then I go through phases, like where I am at the moment, where I'm good and I don't and it generally makes me happier. I always wonder why I go back.

"What it normally starts of with is, I do an interview and I'm a bit worried about it. So I look it up and think, 'Oh what's that person written?' and I click on it and it's something awful and I'm like, 'Oh man, why did I do this to myself? It's stupid and I shouldn't."