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Craig David: Gym sessions caused me to look gaunt

Craig David: Gym sessions caused me to look gaunt

Craig David thinks his fitness obsession caused him to look "gaunt".

The 35-year-old musician developed an impressive physique during his time away from the spotlight, but Craig now admits to overdoing the workouts, saying it caused him to look older than he actually was.

He shared: "I was ripped, but no one gave me the memo that having a body like that can also make you look 40 years older. You look so gaunt and drained."

The chart-topping star also revealed his social life was damaged by his love of the gym.

He told Marie Claire magazine: "I was cancelling going out with friends because I was like, 'Nah, I've got to do my cardio tonight.'

"What life was that? Who was I doing it for? I'm not a body builder."

These days, by contrast, Craig has a much more relaxed attitude towards health and fitness, and is once again focused on his music career.

He explained: "I'm back exactly where I was and this was the part that I loved - getting on stage and performing."

At the height of his fitness obsession, Craig would regularly post pictures online of his muscular physique with an accompanying inspirational message for fellow gym-goers.

For example, one of the captions read: "Some people like to talk with no action, some people like to dream, but don't believe they have what it takes to achieve what others may think is impossible, some people like the ideology of change, but aren't willing to see it through nor ready to endure the sweat & tears needed to bring the idea to a reality!

"Well now's that time to shoulder barge your fears & follow that intuitive voice inside that's been saying to you for so long now....go make it happen and take what's yours! (sic)"