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Courtney Stodden stands up for sheep for PETA

Courtney Stodden stands up for sheep for PETA

Courtney Stodden has made a stand for animal rights.

The 21-year-old beauty visited the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles dressed up as Little Bo Peep in support of PETA's Save The Sheep campaign earlier this week.

She warned: "The shearing industry is heartbreaking. Not many people are aware of how torturous it really is. Sheep are deprived of food and water before being sheared, in part so that they'll be too weak to put up resistance. But when these naturally nervous prey animals do panic, the shearers stomp and stand on their heads and necks. Workers throw scared sheep around and slam their heads and bodies against hard wooden floors. It's terrible."

Courtney - who was wearing a revealing adult version of the popular nursery rhyme character's costume - advised people not to buy clothing made of wool for Christmas presents this year and to purchase items that are made from cotton or "plant-based" sources.

She told "Also, Shearers are usually paid by the volume, not by the hour. This encourages fast, rough work which leaves the sheep with large bloody scrapes on their bodies... including on their penises. Please don't be a part of this by purchasing wool this holiday season. Instead, opt for cotton, acrylic or other plant-based options."