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Courtney Stodden needs 'space' from mom

Courtney Stodden needs 'space' from mom

Courtney Stodden needs "space" from her mother.

The 21-year-old reality star has been trying to repair her fractured relationship with mom Krista Keller on 'The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition' over her parent's feelings for her own husband Doug Hutchinson - with whom she is expecting her first child - but it seems things haven't gone the way they hoped.

Despite previously defending herself amid Courtney and Doug's claims against her, Krista apologised to her daughter at the end of the show and said: "I chose the wrong path in connecting emotionally with your husband. I had no right to do that. I want to apologise for not being the mother that you deserve."

The blonde beauty accepted the apology but then sobbed as she said: "I feel so betrayed in the most painful way. I have so much hurt inside of me. ... I feel emotionally abandoned by you. ... I came into this house alone, and I think it'd be best for our relationship if I left alone.

"I'm sorry. I need space."

Earlier in the episode, Courtney had expressed her worry that the therapy sessions on the show had left her with a worse relationship with her mother.

She said: "I'm just hoping we're not going to be worse off than before we got here. But I'm just concerned that I'm never going to be able to feel that complete trust with my mother ever again."

Doug - who married Courtney in 2011 when she was just 16 - previously claimed Krista had been "relentless" in pursuing him.

He said: "Krista was relentless about her feelings for me, how when she was lying next door she was thinking about me.

"It culminated into an unbelievable confession from Krista saying, "When Courtney leaves here, I will be here for you - because I am in love with you." '