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Courtney Stodden hits back at Brody Jenner

Courtney Stodden hits back at Brody Jenner

Courtney Stodden has hit back at Brody Jenner's claims that she can't act.

The 21-year-old television personality took to Instagram on Friday (12.08.16) to defend herself against claims made by the former 'The Hills' star that she can't act and branded him "derogatory towards women".

In a promotional video for a reunion episode of the MTV show, 32-year-old Brody said that Courtney should replace Stephanie Pratt, before adding that he was joking and only getting back at Stephanie for "talking s**t."

In the video, Courtney hit back, adding: "Don't even get me started on Brody Jenner. He's an asshole, seriously. You know what, he is such an ass. One: he's derogatory towards women, basically categorising women as being talentless regardless of how they look. Even if they look a certain way, 'Oh she looks like that she can't act.' F***ing asshole, seriously.

"Two: kicking a woman when she's down. I have been dealing with so much lately, your timing is s**t Brody."

Courtney also claimed that Brody was no better at acting than she was and challenged him to an "act off".

She said: "And three, I don't think you can act. So why don't we do an act off? I challenge you to one. I can act circles around your ass. So, act off or f**k off."

The feud comes after the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant suffered a miscarriage with her and her husband Doug Hutchinson's first child.