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Courteney Cox nearly ate rotting sheep carcass

Courteney Cox nearly ate rotting sheep carcass

Courteney Cox nearly ate a rotting sheep carcass.

The 'Friends' star was left disgusted when she came face to face with the maggot-infested carcass when she appeared on 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'.

He said: "She had tears pouring down her cheeks and I said, 'Welcome to Ireland, this is what it's like.' She emailed me since and I think she's got a bit of post-traumatic stress going on.

"I found this rotting sheep carcass and I thought, 'Oh, good, I can give her some lamb'. I stuck the knife in and maggots exploded out. The blood drained from her face."

The 52-year-old actress also admitted she would have preferred to eat grass rather than bugs.

In a video promoting the television series, he told her: "We'll eat birds if you can catch them, worms, bugs, grubs, insects, flies, crickets, caterpillars."

To which Courteney replied: "I would rather eat grass than any of the things you just named."

Meanwhile, when it comes to her personal life, Courteney is working hard to get her relationship with Johnny McDaid back on track.

A source said recently: "They really love each other but they can't resolve their issues. Courteney is such a homebody and hates leaving Malibu but Johnny is desperate to return to Ireland with the wedding pegged for autumn it's causing huge rifts.

"Their trip to Europe has been stressful, not just because of tension between Courteney and Johnny's family but also because she's feeling suffocated and uncomfortable away from her own home in Malibu. She hates being away for any length of time.

"Johnny gets frustrated by how restricted that leaves their life, and the thought of being holed up in some LA mansion for the rest of his life is not what he wants."