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Courteney Cox 'frustrates' Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox 'frustrates' Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox's reluctance to leave Malibu has frustrated Johnny McDaid.

The couple reconciled earlier this year following a brief split, but their friends are now worried about their future following a string of rows during their recent European vacation, largely triggered by the Snow Patrol musician's desire to return to Ireland and his fiancée's unease at being away from home.

A source said: "They really love each other but they can't resolve their issues.

"Courteney is such a homebody and hates leaving Malibu but Johnny is desperate to return to Ireland with the wedding pegged for autumn it's causing huge rifts.

"Their trip to Europe has been stressful, not just because of tension between Courteney and Johnny's family but also because she's feeling suffocated and uncomfortable away from her own home in Malibu. She hates being away for any length of time.

"Johnny gets frustrated by how restricted that leaves their life, and the thought of being holed up in some LA mansion for the rest of his life is not what he wants."

The 52-year-old 'Friends' actress is also said to be reluctant to uproot her 10-year-old daughter Coco from their home and wants to ensure her custody agreement with her ex-husband David Arquette - who is based in New York - stays in place.

But pals are hopeful the couple can still reach a compromise.

The source told Grazia magazine: "Courteney's done a lot of work on herself to try and be more flexible for Johnny, which is one of the reasons they decided to give it another chance. But she struggles to leave her comfort zone.

"Friends just hope that they can reach some kind of compromise and finally make it down the aisle."