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Colin Firth deemed too ginger for Pride and Prejudice

Colin Firth deemed too ginger for Pride and Prejudice

Colin Firth almost missed out on the role that launched his career because he was too ginger.

The British actor became a heartthrob for women everywhere following his acclaimed portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC television adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'.

However, screenwriter Andrew Davies - who created the series - has revealed he was initially unsure about whether to cast Firth as his leading man because of his fair hair.

But BBC producer Sue Birtwistle convinced him that Firth was the right man and the rest is history.

Speaking at an Andrew Davies in Conversation Q&A at the BFI in London to mark his 80th birthday and the release of a collection of his dramas on the BBC Store, Davies said: "With Colin I was a bit doubtful because of his colouring at the time because he didn't have those dark curls back then. Sue was absolutely convinced that he would be wonderful, but I said he had to go dark. Underneath all that he's sort of fair to ginger."

Davies has taken credit for Oscar winner Firth, 56, keeping his hair dark ever since.

He added: "He did go dark and he has stayed dark ever since - he must have liked the look!"