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Clean Bandit's Jack Patterson fears losing his laptop

Clean Bandit's Jack Patterson fears losing his laptop

Clean Bandit's Jack Patterson lives in fear of losing his laptop - because it has all his new music on it.

The 28-year-old songwriter has been busy working on his band's new album - the follow-up to 2014 smash hit 'New Eyes' - and has been collaborating with a host of major names in the music business on songs.

Jack has revealed all his fresh tracks are stored on his laptop computer and he gets very anxious about it being misplaced or stolen because he would lose his work.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the announcement of the Ivor Novello Awards nominations in London, she said: "It's a scary thing actually to think that I'm carrying it around with a full album on it. I don't even back it up every day. I only back everything up every few days. I'm scared of backing it up in the Cloud in case my account gets hacked."

Jack - who has been nominated for the Most Performed Work Ivor Novello prize for his track 'Hold My Hand' with Jess Glynne also confessed he saves his collaborations with very obvious file names, which means that anyone who got hold of his gadget would be able to leak all of his projects.

He said: "You'd think I'd have secret names for the people I've been working with in case my laptop gets nicked. But, no. It's all really, really obvious. Maybe I should change that..."

One pop star he can reveal he's been working with is Alicia Keys.

Jack - who is joined in Clean Bandit by his brother Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto and Neil Amin-Smith - insists he learnt a lot from the 'Empire State of Mind' singer about songwriting and recording.

He shared: "I've always been very meticulous in how I write songs. But Alicia and her team were very free. You could make sweeping changes to songs at the last minute and she'd be fine with that.

"It was definitely nerve-wracking at first, but you learn so much so quickly from seeing how these big megastars work."