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Claire Danes learning more about husband

Claire Danes learning more about husband

Claire Danes has learnt so much more about her husband Hugh Dancy since they got married.

The 36-year-old actress may have tied the knot with the handsome 40-year-old actor six years ago but she has admitted she's still discovering new things about herself and her beau.

Speaking to NET-A-PORTER's digital fashion magazine THE EDIT, she said: "Marriage is wonderful. It's challenging, and ... it just keeps getting deeper.

"I keep learning more things about him and myself, and that's not always comfortable. But I have this incredible security, and it's a huge asset to have a partnership with someone you trust and admire - and want to make out with."

And her marriage isn't the only thing she's enjoying as she's also loving watching their two-year-old son Cyrus grow up.

She explained: "Cyrus changes daily - it's wild, the rate of growth. I'm excited by this phase. It's fun to see the world with him, to get his feedback on what we're seeing."

But it hasn't always been easy for the 'Homeland' actress as she's been in and out of therapy since the age of six.

She revealed: "I do it because it's a helpful tool and a luxury to self-reflect and get some insight. But there have been points in my life when it was really essential."