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Cilla Black's final hours

Cilla Black's final hours

Cilla Black was drinking champagne and watching 'The Jeremy Kyle' show on the day she died.

The beloved TV presenter passed away in August following a fall at her home in Spain but her son Robert Willis said his 72-year-old mother had been in high spirits before her death.

Speaking in the documentary 'Our Cilla', he said: "During the last two years she began to suffer fairly standard things that people as they get older would suffer.

"Her hearing had started to go, so she had to start wearing hearing aids. Typical of my mum, she wouldn't wear them.

"She was sitting around having a glass of champagne killing herself laughing at 'Jeremy Kyle' - without the hearing aids obviously - so blaring out across Marbella.

"We hung out and at about one o'clock, I said I was going to do a shop. I said goodbye and that was the last time I saw her."

And Cilla's good friend Paul O'Grady revealed the 'Blind Date' presenter was convinced her late husband Bobby had been reincarnated as a pigeon.

He explained: "We were on the roof in Barbados and there was this pigeon used to land on the terrace, it was a one-legged pigeon. Poor old manky old thing and she used to say 'That's Bobby. Bobby's come back as that pigeon.'

"I'd say 'Ok. If you believe in an afterlife, you go to heaven or wherever, you can come back as anything you like. Do you honestly think Bobby is gonna go back as a one-legged pigeon covered in tar?'"

'Our Cilla' will air on ITV at 10.45pm on Christmas Day (25.12.15).