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Christopher Walken spent Christmas with James Bond

Christopher Walken spent Christmas with James Bond

Christopher Walken once spent Christmas with James Bond.

The actor played villain Max Zorin in 007 film 'A View to a Kill' - released in 1985 - opposite Sir Roger Moore and the cast had to shoot scenes over the festive period in Switzerland.

Moore has a home in the European country and generously invited Walken and other cast members to spend the holiday with him and his family, an experience the American screen icon will never forget.

In an interview with Metro newspaper, he said: "Roger Moore is a wonderful man. We were shooting over Christmas and he invited me to his home in Switzerland. It was James Bond and the villain hanging out together over Christmas."

Walken and Bond actor Moore starred in the movie with Grace Jones - who portrayed Zorin's lover and henchwoman.

The 'Deer Hunter' actor admits he and Grace developed a close friendship during filming, which took place in London, England, French capital Paris, Iceland and the US as well as Switzerland.

Although he hasn't caught up with Grace for a little while he still considers her a good pal.

Walken, 73, said: "I haven't seen Grace for a while but I was very fond of her. We spent a lot of time together; the shoot was five months and I got to know her very well."