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Christoph Waltz has experienced 'depressed moments'

Christoph Waltz has experienced 'depressed moments'

Christoph Waltz has experienced "depressed moments".

The 58-year-old actor has seen his career fluctuate over the years and admits he found the lulls in his working life hard to deal with.

In an interview with GQ magazine, he said "I am not clinically depressed now and I wasn't back then. I am not interested in gambling or drugs or fire-arms. But that doesn't mean I didn't have depressed phases.

"There were depressed moments and there was depression but not of a kind that needed to be medicated or hospitalised.

"But it is bloody depressing when you try to get on with the work and it just doesn't ... People cut you dead. They don't even greet you. They ignore you."

The 'Spectre' star found it frustrating that he created "sensational" work such as 'Dance with the Devil', Peter Keglevic's 2001 movie, but few movie offers followed.

He added: "A handful of directors believed in me, one in particular. Every time we made a movie it was a sensation. Yet somehow, nothing followed.

"Keglevic always believed in me. He is a real artist. He's far too difficult for the industry to oppress.

"He's slightly cantankerous and he doesn't suffer fools gladly; actually he doesn't suffer fools at all. So people shy from him. But Peter Keglevic - yes. He's my guy."