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Christina Ricci recalls her naked scene in Z: The Beginning of Everything

Christina Ricci recalls her naked scene in Z: The Beginning of Everything

Christina Ricci felt like she was wearing "fur underwear" when she stripped in 'Z: The Beginning of Everything'.

The 36-year-old actress didn't feel uncomfortable being filmed full frontal for a scene in her new TV series because the merkin - a type of pubic wig - she donned meant she didn't feel naked.

She said: "I was just saying to someone, 'Well at least they included full-frontal nudity - thank god that's in there'.

"It wasn't such a big deal to me because I had a merkin on. It just feels like wearing underwear ... Fur underwear."

The former child star - who has son Freddie, two, with husband James Heerdegen - is thankful she isn't growing up in the spotlight now as she can't imagine feeling as comfortable with giving up her privacy as young actresses do these days.

She told Marie Claire magazine: "I think it's remarkable how poised many of the young people are managing to be. There's this expectation to willingly give up even the smallest amount of privacy. It's interesting, it is probably easier for them because it seems to be something that is true to their generation, but I can't imagine what it feels like to be part of that."

The 'Sleepy Hollow' actress and her family live in New York and she feels like she's more a part of the "real world" than she would if she resided in Los Angeles.

She said: "I feel more connected to the real world here. I have a more normal day-to-day experience than I would in Los Angeles.

"I like that a lot, because I think as an artist it's really important to have real-life experiences to draw on, otherwise you don't grow and change. I like being exposed to things that, you know, might be a little unpleasant but are also a reality check."