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Christina Grimmie's killer believed she was his 'soul mate'

Christina Grimmie's killer believed she was his 'soul mate'

Christina Grimmie's killer claimed he was her "soul mate".

The 22-year-old singer - who was gunned down by Kevin Loibl, 27, following a concert performance in Orlando on June 10 - told pals he was the deranged fan's best friend and spent his time admiring 'The Voice' star's YouTube videos.

Kevin's Best Buy co-worker Cory Dennington told Orlando police that Kevin spent "most of his waking hours" watching videos of the brunette beauty and browsing through her social media accounts.

And Cory also revealed Kevin counted him - with whom he has shared a 15-year long friendship - as his "only friend in the world" before he began to abnormally obsess over Christina in the past year.

And according to a police report obtained by the New York Daily News, his colleagues would mock Kevin for his growing infatuation towards Christina although they were oblivious to him purchasing weapons with the intention of causing harm to the star.

According to Kevin's family, he began to drastically lose weight, get hair plugs to help his hair growth and undergo eye surgery to impress the American star.

And Kevin's father Paul Loibl - who described his son as a "loner" - told detectives he does not recall his son watching the talent show, although he was aware he spent a large amount of time in front of his computer screen.

According to authorities, Kevin would have been charged with murder if he had not have committed suicide at Christina's autograph signing in Orlando on June 10.

Christina was laid to rest in her hometown of Medford, New Jersey on Friday (17.06.16), where her father spoke of the "gigantic hole" left in the hearts of her family since she passed away.