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Christina Aguilera: My son will give me a 'heart attack'

Christina Aguilera: My son will give me a 'heart attack'

Christina Aguilera's son is "going to give her a heart attack".

The 'Beautiful' hitmaker admits her son Max, eight - who she has with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman - scares her on a daily basis as he has taken a liking to parkour.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said: "Max is into this new sport a.k.a free running, parkour. It's all these crazy men jumping off of buildings and stuff. He's just like this little acrobat. He'll be in Cirque du Soleil one day or something, he's just that guy.

"He couldn't care less that I'm on 'The Voice' - the chairs, the whole thing, he couldn't care less. But if I was on American Ninja Warriors he would literally want to come to work with me every day. Then I'd be cool, the cool mom.

"Look at him, training already to jump off of buildings one day and give me a heart attack - it's awesome!"

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old singer - who also has 21-month-old daughter Summer with her partner Matthew Rutler - previously admitted her own childhood wasn't "emotionally safe and secure".

She shared: "I definitely knew when I was going into making the decision to have children of my own, that I definitely would do my very best to make sure their environment was safe, that they were emotionally safe and secure, because those were the things that I didn't have growing up.

"In turn, [that's] why I found music to definitely be my form of release and my outlet and therapeutic at times for me. Hopefully I'll instill a love of music in them in a joyful sense rather than having them need it as an escape."