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Chrissy Teigen weighed herself three times a day

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Chrissy Teigen weighed herself three times a day

Chrissy Teigen weighed herself "three times a day" before she got pregnant.

The Sports Illustrated model, who has 10-month-old daughter Luna with husband John Legend, admits she used to be obsessed with maintaining her trim figure.

The 31-year-old beauty, who appears in the magazine's new swimsuit issue, said: "Honestly, I was so stuck on the scale game. Like, I was the kind of person that was, you know, pre-baby, I weighed myself like three times a day. I knew how much I weighed at 8 a.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 1 p.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 8 p.m."

Chrissy credits her pregnancy for helping her to appreciate her body and feel more confident.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "When I was that pregnant, I was so, so incredibly happy -- and at that point you're just like, 'This is it, take it or leave it!'

"I feel completely at food peace right now -- having a baby has given me this weird confidence. Like, listen -- I'm gonna have these little cheat days, these little cheat moments ... I always send the email [before a photo shoot] like, 'Just so you know, I'm not what I used to be!'"

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host is proud to appear in the magazine because it features "so many different body types."

She said: "I think this issue does more for people than anyone will ever know. We might look back and look at shows that I love -- like, I love the show 'Girls' for example, and I love that Lena Dunham goes on the show and she just does whatever, and she's like, 'This is my body, take it or leave it' -- and I think every little bit of that kind of thing helps. Every time some little girl gets to look in this issue, and see so many different body types and [women] embracing themselves, that's really important."