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Chrissy Teigen slams Taylor Swift's awkward speech

Chrissy Teigen slams Taylor Swift's awkward speech

Chrissy Teigen has slammed Taylor Swift's Grammy Awards acceptance speech as "awkward".

The 30-year-old model admits she and her husband John Legend - who are close friends with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West - couldn't understand why the 'Shake It Off' singer used her moment when picking up the prize for Record of the Year to slam the rapper for taking credit for her fame.

Chrissy said: "It's tough when you're put in the middle like that. I didn't get to see it live, but I don't know.

"It's so awkward. It's an uncomfortable moment. It's weird. John and I were very uncomfortable by it."

And 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen and his other guest, actress Kristin Chenoweth, agreed.

The presenter said: "I thought, Why give up your huge moment? You are winning Record of the Year. Why hand it over to this guy?"

Kanye and Taylor initially fell out in 2009 after he invaded the stage when she picked up an award at the MTV Video Music Awards but they eventually called a truce.

However, Chrissy doesn't think things will be amicable between the pair again for some time.

She said: "Well, I'll tell you. It's not over. This is going to go on. This is being waged."

Meanwhile, during her evening at the Grammys, the 'Lip Sync Battle' star - who is pregnant with her first child - also spent her time trying to pass on some mail to the former occupant of her home, Rihanna.

She admitted: "We still get her mail. She has a gift certificate for a Bugati, I believe. We tried to give it to her at the Grammys, but she wasn't there."