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Chrissy Teigen slams Internet bullies

Chrissy Teigen slams Internet bullies

Chrissy Teigen has begged Internet bullies to leave her alone.

The outspoken model reads "99.5 percent" of the comments on her social media profiles, including Twitter and Instagram, and is fed up of being insulted by so many of her followers.

The 29-year-old beauty said: "It's almost like f**king walking up to somebody, or going to somebody's house, knocking on the door and being like, 'You're fat.'

"I don't know if they think they're ballsy or what. But if you're going to speak negatively about me, just do me a favor and don't tag me in it.

"I mean, I think that people think that when they send you things, it goes off into space and you don't care. The worst is when you respond and they're like, 'Oh, I didn't think you would read that! I love you! Oh my god!' Like, that's the worst.

Despite being regularly targeted by bullies, Chrissy is still addicted to social media and considers her phone her "little security blanket."

She told "Technology is a huge part of my life. I'm never not on my phone.

"I would like to say I read everything because it's pretty damn close. Probably 99.5 percent of things I really do read. And if I'm not reading it, it just means that I missed it."

The Sports Illustrated beauty has come under fire for sharing images of her nipples on Instagram in the past, but insists she wasn't trying to make a "feminist statement."

She said: "It wasn't meant to be a big feminist statement, a big would be nice if women could have the same rights as men. Wouldn't it be so wonderful if we could just be able to do that? But rules are rules, and honestly, I understand."